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Are you thinking about a set of furniture for the bathroom? Then it is with us that you have a great opportunity not only to implement your plans, but also to be satisfied with your choice, the quality of our products and the service of our specialists. We value our customers very much, therefore, we approach the choice of materials for furniture modeling with particular care, check the build quality and track new items in furniture fashion.

The TIMSER official website will show you bathroom furniture in different sizes and configurations. We will be happy to help you choose a bathroom set based on your individual preferences, the amount of available space and financial capabilities.

We only work with well-established furniture manufacturers who use environmentally friendly materials with a waterproof coating in their work. Our partners are leading companies in Russia and Europe.

TIMSER team, we offer a wide range of bathroom furniture and ease of selection on our website. For example, buying a sink with a cabinet in an online store will not be difficult even for a beginner, because we try to take high-quality photos of our furniture and make a detailed description of each of its elements.

The SOLO series is suitable for those who love a sophisticated style behind which rich functionality is hidden. These models are characterized by minimalism of design, which does not affect the practicality of the furniture.

If you are planning to buy a bathroom mirror in Moscow, the TIMSER Internet service administrators will be happy to help you. The mirror of the furniture from this series is complemented by a closed bedside table on the right side, equipped with deep shelves. Thus, personal hygiene items will always be at hand, dry and clean. The door opens from left to right for exceptional usability and very easy thanks to soft-close hinges.

You have the opportunity to purchase our headsets as a complete set or as separate modules. If you plan, for example, to buy a pencil case for a bathroom separately from a sink with a cabinet, it should be borne in mind that, winning in space, you can play in the composition. You can discuss all these points with the consultants of our store.

A bathroom is a corner of an apartment or house, where it is so pleasant not only to carry out hygiene procedures, but also to spend time relaxing in a filled bathroom, secluded and detached from everything. To obtain the greatest aesthetic and moral satisfaction from staying in a room, you should carefully consider its contents, namely the furniture with which it will be filled, which will be comfortable and suitable for you!