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Gold Collectıon


TS 1974 Z- Wooden frame mirror

Dimensions: 770 x 870 x 80 mm Wall mirror in a wooden frame from the Turkish manufacturer TIMSER. The frame is made of wood, dark varnished. The m..


TS 1990 Z- Mirror and tall cabinet

Dimensions: 1060 x 1070 x 250 mm Wall mirror in a wooden frame from the Turkish manufacturer TIMSER. The frame is made of wood, dark varnished..

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Searching for bathroom furniture is a reason to visit a fairly large number of online stores. However, if you want a really great collection for your bathroom, then check out the Gold Collection. In this series you can find luxury bathrooms that amaze with their beauty, luxury, originality and gloss. The best models will be presented here for a wide variety of rooms, from minimal dimensions to large areas. Since the bathroom is the room that has some intimacy, everything should be thought out for the little things. Each centimeter should fulfill its purpose as much as possible. It is necessary to read what and in what place will be located so that it is not only convenient to enter it, but also to be in the room.

Many people start their furnishings with the question of where and how to buy a sink with a cabinet? It is best to do this in the vastness of our online store, since here you will find a wide variety of options and models, and the price allows you to purchase exactly the kit that you like the most.

Usually, the standard set, which many choose, includes a cabinet or cabinet, a sink, a mirror. If desired, if the area of ​​the bathroom is rather large, you can supplement it with other furniture. You can buy a curbstone under the sink quite easily, you will be a place where you can easily hide all sorts of jars and bottles that guests do not need to see when entering the house. And there will be no reason to constantly stumble over something near the sink.

A cabinet under the sink in the bathroom will solve many problems. Firstly, such a set looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Secondly, in addition to the fact that household chemicals can be hidden in it, it will help close a not too beautiful pipe that departs from the washstand itself. Thirdly, you can easily hang a mirror over such a cabinet with a sink in order to make your stay in the bathroom more pleasant.

If you move on to further filling the room, then you should think about where you can buy a sink in Moscow. We will become a simple solution to your problems, as our specialists will take into account absolutely all your wishes. Gold Collection products will perfectly complement your bathroom. It will last a long enough time, which will help to save money on repairs in the future.

Choosing this collection, you can take into account the fact that the furniture will go to almost any color scheme of the room. This will be helped by a fairly wide selection of various accessories that can make the room much more pleasant and beautiful. At the same time, its functionality can increase several times.