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TS 11060 Z- Mirror and tall cabinet

Dimensions: 820 x 770 x 220 mm Wall mirror in a wooden frame from the Turkish manufacturer TIMSER. The frame is made of wood, made in a light..

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If you want to make your bathroom look like no other, then you should take a look at the VIP Collection on our website. It offers very stylish bathrooms that you will not find anywhere else. In addition, such a choice will speak of your excellent taste, and that you appreciate the things that surround you. Collected here are some of the finest bathroom fittings you can find. They are decorated so that luxury and classics can be seen from afar.

One of the necessary elements is a vanity unit for the bathroom sink. Here you can pay attention to a variety of models, since they can change based on the height and parameters of the room itself. The execution is carried out from a variety of materials, and the shades of the furniture will be different. The calculation should be done based on how much area you have in the bathroom, and as far as possible to place large or small furniture.

Some resort to such an option as an overhead bathroom sink. This thing is very convenient, it will help to make spending time in this room easier and more enjoyable. There are a wide variety of models that can be installed in a particular room. Buying a sink for the bath will not be a problem, given that there is a wide range. It should be based on the general style of the bathroom that you have chosen. If we talk about high-tech style, then they are most often used in strict shapes and angles. Well, the classics are characterized by softer streamlined shapes that will fit perfectly into the room.

A separate step during the selection will be bathroom mirrors. They will be able to increase the available area or make it visually higher. Mirrors can also be chosen in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, it all depends only on your wishes. You can find a beautiful design of the mirror part, as well as a certain engraving or grooves.

A good addition would be the decision to buy a pencil case for the bathroom. This little assistant will give you the opportunity to hide all the things that are important to you, which should not necessarily catch the eye of your family and friends. It will look compact, it will not interfere. Even the appearance of a pencil case can dramatically improve the overall design of a bathroom and give it some flavor.